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you dont have a soul you are a soul.  you have a body.  cs lewis

Be a weed

airbnb-logo-vectorIt was bound to happen and when it rains it pours.  Up until this point, my experience hosting has been flawless.  My guests loved their experience, and I was becoming very confident in my Airbnb hosting operation.

My last guest was great, but unfortunately, his experience wasn’t up to his expectations.  I had raised the price per night for my loft for several reasons:

  • To test the market and see what people would be willing to pay.
  • To make it worth my while to leave my loft and stay in a friends extra bedroom, because leaving for a weekend is quite inconvenient and disrupting.   Continue Reading…
Image vs emotionThis is a true story about a man named Elliot.  Elliot was a brilliant high powered executive with influence, wealth, and status. He had a beautiful family, and options in life. He had achieved the “American Dream.”

Tragically, Elliot found out he had a small tumor on his cortex near his brain’s frontal lobe, requiring him to undergo surgery. After the surgery, everything seemed fine. Slowly though, it became obvious that something was very different about Elliot. Continue Reading…

Shower Thoughts

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